This wiki is created with the intent of helping all of Ms. Cohen's AP Language students reach their full potential as students by helping on another. So by all means, contribute and help.

See the transcripts from the last minute live chat!

Check out this thread on the Reddit to prepare for the fallacy quiz on Friday, April 27th.

Don't forget to compile all the essays we're read this year for class on April 23!

Post sentence imitations on this thread on the Reddit.

Check out the IAmA thread on the Reddit by Ms. Cohen's past student!

Don't forget to take this survey before Monday, April 9th!

Check out our new Word to the Wise and Why Your Essays Aren't as Good as Others pages!
Caution: Due dates are closer than they appear
Get Ready for the Mock Exam!
  • Tips to a better essay are located on the Reddit and our practice page
  • The mock exam is from 1-4:30 pm (estimated) Bring a snack!

For all of you who want extra credit opportunities check out here and here. Don't forget to sign up for the APLang Reddit!

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Don't forget to do your style terms!

There is an AP Lang Reddit. Check it out. Extra credit. Big time extra credit.
Ms. Cohen will give a point of extra credit for each subscriber the reddit gets before February 20th to all subscribers (e.g. if 105 people subscribe, 105 people are getting 105 points extra credit, which is huge).
NEW RULE: You must submit at least once (a link, a self post, a comment) to redeem your extra credit points.

From February 09 - February 14 there will be a discussion of the STYLE vocabulary words. We, as a wiki, will be posting helpful websites, and definitions for the words. Our goal is to get ALL of the terms so that the wordsmiths can create a quizlet which we can all use to study.

* This will only work if EVERYONE participates.

Nominate someone for The MizCees!

Any class that gets 100% final paper turn in (i.e. hard copy, in class) will all get +10 points extra credit!!! Make sure you check out submission requirements.

Examples of topic outlines here.

For help on the research paper, check out our new Research Paper Feedback page.

Check out the new way to communicate at the bottom of the page.

Make sure you are registered for TurnItIn.com. Details here.

You can practice for the exam here:

Block 4 WON Wiki of the Week for 12/4/11 - 12/11/11! Congratulations! More info here:

The current extra assignment is the under Assignment #1 on the projects page under Extra Credit. You can use this link:
Extra Credit- Assignment 1

The discussion to add you did for your job this week is on the CEO page under the discussions. You can simply use this link:
CEO Jobs Discussion

Any issues or questions for the Works Cited assignment for Fail are being discussed on the Homework Help page. You can use this link:
Homework Help

There is a now a page to share useful links and files for class use:
Useful Links and Files

Does your grade need a boost? Don't forget to do the Extra Credit assignments available and make sure you're doing your job.
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