This purpose of this page is to receive current and supplementary information for our research paper.


Check out example outlines from your peers and feedback at the bottom of the page.

For more help, visit the Discuss and Drafts page at cohenhandouts.

When turning in your research paper:
1. Have ready, before class starts (and in this order):
  • Final Paper
  • Synthesis Question (prompt plus sources)
  • Rough Draft
  • Outline
  • Any other drafts (only if you think it would help your final evaluation)
  • Peer review (filled out by your peer about your paper, with both names on it)

2. Any class that gets 100% final paper turn in (i.e. hard copy, in class) will all get +10 points extra credit.

If you need to make up the peer evaluation we did in class, go to the Drafts page and follow the instructions.

Questions and Comments

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The "If-You're-Still-Looking-for-a-Source-Here-It-Is" Post

Examples of Outlines

Hey guys(: I talked to Ms. Cohen and she told me that we are doing a topic outline that isn't required to have sentences. But as she said in class, make sure that it is detailed enough so that it is purposeful and can actually help guide the argument. She also told me that she is mostly interested in our arguments and how we support them, such as if we have actual proof or if we merely paraphrase our sources. ~Anisha




Peer Outlines

- Willene Willene

Thanks for posting this Willene!
A couple of comments:
--I know the samples don't show this, but you should use MLA in-text citation (parenthetical documentation) in the outline and have a Works Cited. It would make it easier for me to understand where the example are coming from.
--I think your thesis/central argument needs to be more specific. I really like the idea of it and I don't think you need to drastically change the ideas in your support paragraphs, but the overall scope should be narrowed a bit. Is there something additional your examples/analyses have in common?
--Also, compelling title!
--Keep up the good work and let me know if we can give feedback for any more revisions.
- cohenli cohenli

Comments on new upload:
--great sources
--You seem to have a good synthesis question, the key now will be to make your response interesting. You may want to look at some of the sample 8s and 9s in response to synthesis questions on AP Central to see how these writers develop their own arguments in response to the prompts.

can someone review my outline..and just make sure im heading on the right path..I dont want to keep writing my research paper on points that are not valid.
Please and thank you <3

--I like where this is going in general; it looks like you have some good sources and you are responding to your core essay
--your parenthetical documentation refers to your list of citations in your Works Cited. So this should be at the end (or I don't really know what you're citing)
--Some specific comments on your thesis: "America is supposed to be the leading country of the world in arts, education and new programs; yet we lack to do (?) the simple yet imperative tasks that secure our future, such as food recovery programs."
--this states a fact more than it argues an opinion. Consider: what are the causes of the United States failure to stop certain wasteful activities? Does everyone agree that they are wasteful?
--be more specific on these terms: "future", "leading country". Or maybe take them out to focus more on how successful the United States has been in adopting food recovery programs. (i.e. what is the extent to which these have been successful: in getting people to adopt them, in eliminating waste and meeting other goals, etc.)
--I would like to see your main points (the capitalized Roman numerals) be more like arguments than just what subject they relate to. It's not entirely clear to me what kind of argument you're building and what the relationship between your sub-arguments is.
--Keep it up; this shows real progress.

--I hope others will take a look and provide feedback. To consider: what questions do you have looking at the outline? What stood out to you as good? bad? something you would like to see expanded and/or clarified

Peer Rough Drafts

- Willene Willene