This page has notes taken in class by peers and Ms. Cohen

If anyone has notes to post from class, such as the note manager or secretary they are welcome to. Learn to take good notes here.

5/3/12 [Macbeth Act 1]


Daniel's notes on essays that did well:
3/27/12 [Portfolios]

03/16/12 [AP Multiple Choice]


03/05/12 [The Rattler Fishbowl]

-Austen Milone's Discussion Notes

~ Briana T's Notes

03/01/12 [Maus Fishbowl]

2/28/12 [Maus Discussion]

2/22/12 [More Rhetorical Analysis]
~Briana T's notes

2/15/12 [Some announcements before the Tone Quiz + Rhetorical Analysis Essay]

2/6/12 [Midterm Multiple Choice Review]
1st half of class notes.
2/3/12 [in-class write: Synthesis Essay #2]

1/31/12 [Synthesis evaluations]
1st half of the class notes. (9:12~ - 10:10)
2nd half of class notes. (10:10 - 11:01)

1/26/12 [Wall-E]

I put together the WALL-E open and the original 'Hello, Dolly!' songs in this playlist - cohenli cohenli

1/24/12 [Peer-review]

Ms. Cohen's Artistic and Inartistic Notes 12/13/11





A Thin Blue Line

11/4/11 Class notes

Thin Blue Line notes, part 3. Need editing!

11/2/11 Class notes, all except film notes (discussion re: Thin Blue Line, note-taking)

Collected notes for Thin Blue Line. Please edit these! Cut/paste from the notes to make one clear document.

an example of how you might process the collected notes:

FCAT Scoring


I cut and pasted elements of today's notes to make them more usable.
This can be done by a project manager, visual or written documentarian, or anyone else that finds the rearrangement and processing of the daily notes useful.

A summary of these:
--list of class activities
--discussion of what makes a good/bad essay
--discussion of how to get better at doing jobs and using wiki

vocab done:))
you're welcome <3
This is the second vocab set (inventions)
  • If you have a better definition for any of the words, please comment, and I'll change it :)

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