Let's Understand This

To begin, think about this: You've just been chosen to make a speech.

First task to accomplish is to actually come up with a speech. This is where INVENTION comes in.
Invention (Inventio):Cicero's term describing the process of coming up with the arguments and appeals that would make up the substance of a persuasive case.
Invention is coming up with ideas. These will help you to start building your argument, and your speech.
Basically, Invention = Brainstorm

You've started the process of invention, but questions start to flood your mind.
  • How can I prove my argument?
  • How can I persuade the audience of my argument ?

Stasis: Stasis names a procedure within rhetorical invention by which one would ask certain questions in order to arrive at the point at issue in the debate, the "stasis." Four such basic kinds of conflict were categorized by the Greeks and Romans: conjectural, definitional, qualitative, and translative.Have you ever missed out on an event? The first thing that most people do is to ask questions on the event. What was is like? What happened? When did it happen? Where did it happen? Stasis is when you investigate, to try to find what the issue is, to find out what your argument should be.

Basically, Stasis = Investigation