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Proficient and I Know It!

And remember you're awesome!

My fixation with the number 123...


I've been waiting for this day.

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IB Memes

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We're actually working. :)

Relationship of Ireland and the U.K.

Some background information for Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal:

Found A Test Prep Site

This sitehas test prep quizzes for AP tests, Psat, ACT, and SAT

Today in Class...

We listened to a Phone Call to the 14th Century.

Like Radiolab?


How We Do Things Here

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What I found wasting time on Reddit - Willene Willene

Website Usage

There are people all over the world viewing this site:

Are Smart People Ugly?

You might be surprised to find out the answer. Check it out here.

Lots of Bots

There are some cool "extras" on the WALL-E iTunes download I used in class. One of them is based on an animated storybook called Lots of Bots:

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

"Language as a Window into Human Nature" (RSA Animate of Steven Pinker talk)

I found this on Ms. Cohen's wiki and thought it was amusing yet beneficial.

Ragtime Mario

So in class today we talked about a guy who took video game songs that he had never heard and turned them into ragtime. Although this may not be the same guy that Ms. Cohen was talking about, he's still good!
It's the guy! - cohenli cohenli

Drugs, Sex and Coco Puffs

This book is by the same author who wrote Fail. The title is... enticing, haha.


From The Thin Blue Line, articles about:Randell Adams- Harris' execution- Kittrell-
and Errol Morris-

From Errol Morris's site:

A good article from Northwestern Law on the aftermath of the film.An excerpt: "In 1988, during a three-day hearing on the motion before Dallas District Court Judge Larry Baraka, Harris recanted. 'Twelve years ago, I was a kid, you know, and I’m not a kid anymore, and I realize I’ve been responsible for a great injustice,' Harris told Baraka. 'And I felt like it’s my responsibility to step forward, to be a man, to admit my part in it. And that’s why I’m trying to correct an injustice.' "


So, if you really like Freakonomics, I found a Podcast supplement
Here's the latest from the blog/radio show:

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