This page offers supplementary information that may help in the understanding or completion of assignments to be done outside of class.

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Non-Fiction Reading Assignment

Feel free to post your assignment for review. Here's mine:
- Willene Willene

Non-Fiction Project Check Up

The assignment is here.
Here's mine:
- Willene Willene


You can download a copy of the book. It's in two parts: Maus One and Maus Two.
Check out Period One's Maus page.

Exam Practice

Practice for the exam here:
New Practice Page

Can't Focus?

Take a break:
Period Four's Research Playlist

Research Paper

Visit the new Research Paper Feedback page for more supplementary information.
Find information about it here:
Sources for Creating An Annotated Bibliography
Visit our new page for useful links and files:
Useful Links and Files
Period 1's Author Vitality list:
Author Vitality Page

Synthesis Essay

Here's a link that might help:
Note: Don't waste your time with any of the essays but the first one (it got an 8) but make sure you check out why it got the score it got.
We're supposed to outline the essay we would write with the sub arguments and proof. ~ Willene
Here's a PDF file from AP Central on using sources for a synthesis essay. - Anisha

Some Sample Works Cited:

All links from Bedford St. Martins Research and Documentation: Online, 5th Edition
Sample MLA Works Cited List from Diana Hacker. Sample is from student "Daly".
How to make MLA Citations
Sample Research Paper (Works Cited is at the end)

Work Cited for Fail

Here are some sites that might help in completing this:
Four Arguments For The Elimination of Televisionagainst_the_machine.jpg
Against The Machine

For those who have finished Freakonomics:

Ted Kaczynski: The Unabomber

external image Page_1.jpg

He lives in a ten by twelve cell. He escaped the death penalty. He’s given cooking tips to a secret agent and written a screed on how Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh got it wrong.
In short, he’s full of gratuitous advice on how to run the world.
He’s Unabomber Ted Kaczynski — one of society’s most obnoxious...
To read more:

The Unabomber's Targets: An Interactive Map
Very interesting! And makes use of "The Wayback Machine", a super fun tool for exploring recent history. ~Ms. C

Using evidence to prove an argument:


The Bedford Guide for College Writers

A Thin Blue Line
Transcript of //The Thin Blue Line//

AP English Language and Composition: Using Documentary Film as an Introduction to Rhetoric

Also look at the notes on cohenhandouts and from our wiki!



Online version of "Turn of the screw"


  • If you can't read it, click on the glogster button to see it in full view :)

Sample of an outline format for the "argument outline" homework.

Check It Out: Idea For "Successful Leadership" Paper

This might help with vocab: